What is CBD?

About CBD & CBD Products:

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid chemical compound extracted from the Hemp or Sativa Marajuana plants, members of the Cannabis family & does not cause intoxication or an altered mental state (a ‘high’), 

WHO (World Health Organisation) stated in their November 2017 ‘Cannabidiol (CBD)’ report that,

“CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependance potential.” 

Pure undiluted or concentrated CBD extract commonly available as an oil, can be used on its own or infused into other products offering a diverse variety of uses & applications. 

Records of CBD’s beneficial properties date back to Ancient times, used from minor aches & pains to a cure for cancer. At this time many of these claims are still unsubstantiated. Wide spread legalisation & increased interest interest in CBD’s therapeutic uses has led to a variety of scientific studies.

Confirmed therapeutic uses include: alleviation of chronic pain & headaches, evidence of effective treatment for anxiety, inflammation, arthritis & control of refractory seizures, focusing on life threatening hard to control syndromes affecting young patients. In addition, The FDA has recognised a wide variety of ‘therapeutic use cases’ for CBD extract & WHO has provided a list of 17 medical conditions for which CBD may have therapeutic benefits.

CBD oil can be consumed, vaped or infused with other products for topical uses. A few drops of pure or concentrated CBD oil is often placed under the tongue or vapped which when heated turns into vapour & inhaled. Infusions can include skin & beauty products, edibles, other oils, added to natural remedies & home products.


CBD extract unlike THC does not have an intoxicating effect or induce a mentally alterer state however as with any product ingested or applied to the body there are associated possible side effects. Known possible side effects include: nausea, fatigue & irritability.

An article by Harvard University (2019) reported CBD raising the levels of specific prescription drugs in the blood, specifically coumadin, a blood thinner, in exactly the same way grapefruit juice would.

Should you have any medical concerns regarding the use of CBD products, we recommend consulting a medical professional or professional advice from a reputable expert in the related field. We do not provide medical advice.

Information based on pure CBD extract that has not been diluted, altered or infused with other products